Reality Check

“The faithful man has perished from the earth, and there is no one upright among men. They all lie in wait for blood; every man hunts his brother with a net. That they may successfully do evil with both hands — the prince asks for gifts, the judge seeks a bribe, and the great man utters his evil desire; so they scheme together. The best of them is like a brier; the most upright is  sharper than a thorn hedge; the day of your watchman and your punishment comes; now shall be their perplexity.”

Micah 7:2‭-‬4 NKJV

This Scripture was the comfort the LORD gave me recently. I saw how nothing in my present day troubles is new.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been bombarded with so much maltreatment from people I had put much confidence in to deliver on matters of concern to me. People were paid in full to deliver jobs, only for them to disappoint without remorse. It was not that we didn’t know that paying in installment makes for better procedure with people generally, we acted out of empathy because of the challenges of present times and peoples’ need to have all the funds they can get to keep on. We would be happy when people pay us in full even before we begin works for them, so we did the same. It turned out we were wrong . . . very wrong!

Two days ago, I spent a whole day on the expressway to Ibadan because of car troubles that came about because the mechanic will not tell me the truth I needed to know. The degree of heartlessness I saw on the highway woke me up from my dreams . . . good people have really become scarce! I gave free ride to some folks on my way to Ibadan; after all, it’s the same amount of fuel I would use. When the car trouble begun, they waited a while…and while I was looking for someone with a solution to my ordeal, they left me there alone! I faced it all alone, the rain started and ended on me and all I could mutter was thanksgiving to God for these things. It’s amazing how much we don’t know because we travel freely without hassles or troubles.

Be that as it may, the reason for this post is not to tell the woes but to bring a degree of comfort to you as God did to me. The scarcity of good people may never reduce, even with the continuous rise in religion and those who practice them…what would happen is people becoming better at living a lie; they would become selective at obeying God and do right only when it’s favourable.

But for you, since you have become a part of the LORD’s body, one in continual  communion with the God of heaven, your nature has become changed to that of His. You are no longer good because it is favorable; you show kindness and goodness because it is who you have become.

Therefore, let righteousness continue to flow from you; let nothing that you have been through de-nature you into a mutant, whose nature is no longer pure. Remain who you are, no matter what comes your way.

May the peace of the LORD abound with you always. Amen.


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