Of Faith and Fears

I have wondered what it means to be faithful;
The meaning of this seems to elude me each time I reach out to understand it deeper than the surface.
Still, despite all the complexities around the definition of this thing,
This one is crystal clear – faithfulness is an offshoot of faith.

When there is faith for the unseen,
Staying the course and persevering will not be a hard feat,
When faith is not lacking, for what has no evidence yet,
It will be natural to go on doing the needful without worrying. . .

Faithlessness is an offspring of fear.

Like a chameleon in evolution,
The absence of faith gives way to fear . . .
This same fear transforms itself from one form to another,
Until all that is possible becomes impossible, and love becomes a hard proposition.

The just shall indeed live by faith . . .
The righteous is as bold as lion . . .
The wicked flees when no one pursues . . .
They are perpetually afraid, even when nothing threatens.

So, faithfulness is a choice – an intentional choice.
Choosing to believe the unseen is the miracle itself.
Faith in the unknown is an uncommon response,
It is actually the only way to rest.