Unlikely Leading

If you have ever had your life well-planned out and it became disrupted without notice, you will agree with me that so much is beyond the realm of planning. Indeed, nothing trumps being led by the LORD.

However, being led by the LORD is not an immunity from bad things happening to those that are led; “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil . . .” is actually a valid prayer point from Christ’s mouth Himself, while He walked the earth. The guarantee is in His presence with us to deliver us from evil, not an immunity from evil itself.

In pursuit of God and His kingdom agenda, you would be led by God into places you do not want to go, into things you do not want to do, and to people you do not like to relate with. God is not wicked; He is gracious. He prepares His own in fire, to preserve them from the inferno of hell . . . your trials are God’s ingredients for your triumph.

As you confront your daily life obligations, remember that God’s plan for you are good and not evil. . . He has an intended end to bring you into; so, trust Him to complete what He started in you. Trust Him, even when you cannot trace Him.