The house is troubled,
Tales of woes are many,
Those from distant lands come for hope and succour,
But the rot they found is more than the decay they were fleeing from. . .

They had looked to the hills,
Their search for help led them here;
But the lofty places are troubled by winds,
Nothing can stand without a fight.

But the ONE, whose house is on the hills is not dead,
His invitation may be as old as time, but His gates are open to all who would come.
He called and established trusted people on His mountain,
But it seemed the growl of the predators on lowlands are better than the smiles of wicked men and women in righteous robes atop this mountain.

So, He arose in fury,
A new form of fury this is….
No tearing of cedar or shaking of mountains,
No skipping of hills and convulsion of the earth . . .

His war and peace are meshed into one,
His victorious host, marching out to conquer known and unknown enemies.
This one is the victory of righteousness – of restored hearts, heads and hands,
Jehovah is restoring His house to order.

Do not be dismayed,
The LORD is victorious,
His valour is manifested,
Sorrows will become turned to joy.