A Righteous Response

A couple of week back, I got served by one of my good friend with a new set of Christian worship music. As always, it was a beautiful playlist of powerful music and living words that helps me express my heart to God in the place of prayer. I am indeed thankful for friends who gives me songs like this (they know themselves ;-)).

In this set of music, one of the songs made so much sense but just did not settle with me. So, I kept searching in my heart for the reason for the flag in my spirit, especially when the intent behind it seemed sensible and meaningful; but nothing came forward until early this morning when I was responding to a message by another friend.

The song says something good must happen if you get angry (I suppose getting angry with the situation of things). . . the minister even said we have to learn how to be getting angry so that things would change (I suppose to what we desire). Well, from where I stand, I now see clearly that anger (in whatever form) may bring solution to a pressing problem but it will bring with it the destruction of something greater. It is like a fire, whose heat is desired in the cold, but whose flames would destroy valuable things. One would later realise that a jacket for the cold would have been wiser than igniting a fire and expecting it to burn within set boundaries . . . all the time.

Whatever the form of anger (holy or unholy) is, it will destroy more than it fixes. Anger rests in the bosom of fools, it is not a sport for kings whose kingdom would last long. It does not produce works of righteousness and it is incapable of building relationships. YOU WILL BE WISE TO, BY UNDERSTANDING, RESOLVE ALL DISSATISFACTIONS; it leads to lasting peace that brings lasting joy.

Be angry if you are provoked, the Scripture recommends; but be careful to follow it up with an action because it would be sin (reaching for or operating below the standard/design of God for you). This comes with consequences, grave consequences most times.

By understanding, demonstrate wisdom with every knowledge you come into and great would be your peace and increase. This week and forward, refuse to act on your anger or provocation as it presses you. Respond with understanding. Amen.

Have a beautiful week.

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