The End is Known

What was the first thing on your mind this morning as you woke up from sleep? Is it fear or faith, is it despair or hope, is it shame or fame? is it gold or God?

Whatever it is that is uppermost on your mind, one thing is sure: you cannot change anything by your worries and anxieties; even your hustle may not bring you the kind of life you are capable of living.

Sometime last week, a friend asked me: “Why does God allow his people to go through bad times and things?” My throat suddenly became dry because I had to explain to a child of God how much God loves her but He sometimes permits bad things to happen to His people. That seemed like a major contradiction right? It felt so too.

The reality of life is that both good and evil are tools in God’s hand to fashion gems out of us. Like fire and water is to a piece of jewellery in gold, they are both useful and necessary.

Whatever is happening to you at the moment; know that it will end in praise. Be strong, be hopeful; all things, both good and bad, are working for good because you love God and you are called according to His purpose.

Therefore, loving God continually and staying in His purpose is the guarantee of a beautiful end to all that is happening to you at the moment and those that would happen in the future. So, continually stay with God!


Have a fruitful and safe week ahead.