Conversation with Flared Emotions

Yesterday, I had a very heated conversation with some friends in one of the places where I work, bordering on the present challenges going on in Nigeria. More than ever before, it is clearer to me why God’s intervention in Nigeria is inevitable. Without God, there is no hope!

Generally speaking, I have seen young people, who wants change but don’t really know the color of change aside the benefits they are meant to benefit from it. Change seems to have a skewed definition that puts people in the center of it in a selfish way. We are not defining change as a holistic and sustainable turnaround, instead it means being able to get whatsoever we want without restrain. Hmnnnn….that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

I have also seen the elders unusually admit that they were wrong. This one is a miracle! This is not the regular pattern of things with older people. Unfortunately, I have not seen the younger generation, who is agitating for change, tell me one thing they do not do well on their part. I know that maturity and old age has a way of making things clearer for people; but, a breakdown (not misdeed) that paints one party as the sole guilty one and the other as having no part to play in it, is unjust and incapable of seeing true restoration.

In retrospect, I should have just held my peace. I now understand why the young seems to ‘fight’ without a plan of action and are content with just venting their anger. Perhaps, God’s plan is the only one that is valid at the moment. Unfortunately, we don’t even seem interested in learning about it, should God decide to share it with us…So, God is left with using all of what we have to offer, including our anger, to work out His good plan for Nigeria. May it come to pass speedily. Amen.

How I wish we are listening and learning God’s ultimate plan, instead of just being angry, however justified; we would be better positioned for what is coming ahead. Well, it is merely a wish. Ultimately, the decision on how what is coming would impact us rests with us all of us, individually and corporately.

Nigeria will survive this . . .
How Nigerians will come out of this rests on each person’s choices. May we receive grace to choose right and righteously.