A Message to the Future


in the multitude of challenges and uncertainties;
One would wonder if the future would hold in any way.
It becomes easier to imagine the coming days as a wasteful use of hope,
Yet, like today was yesterday, it seems to always hold.

So, here is a word for the future,
A message to those whose times would become full in the coming days. . .
Nothing is new under the sun,
There is nothing spectacular about the pursuits of mankind;
Increase comes with every work that is done,
The diligent will indeed enjoy fatness.

Still, multitude of labor does not satisfy,
Increase does not have the capacity to keep a soul in perpetual joy.
Money will fail,
Marriages will struggle to stand firm;
True help will be rare,
Faithful friends will be scarce. . .
Those who put their trust and confidence in people and things will be grossly disappointed.

The Joyful will be those who value living more than surviving,
Who measures life in value, not in numbers of possessions;
The Faithful will be those who have been changed because they had encounters with God,
Who walk and work with God for Him alone.
The Rich will be those who have God as their Inheritance,
Who measures possession by Who possesses them, not what they possess;
The Satisfied will those who understand God’s timing and operates by it,
Who does not measure himself or herself by feelings, but by their attained stature in spirit.

The reality of the future in nothing like we dream it in the present,
All that is known and seen will become history, even people;
So, ‘Who’ own the future is Who you should hold on to:
God, the eternal,
Sons (and Daughters), the posterity.
Shape the future by shaping relationships with Sons (and Daughters) of God,
Nothing will be of significance in the future that is not from and of God.

All that is gathered will be lost,
Time will reveal the value of all things;
Only who you are and who you become will matter in the grand scheme of things . . .
Not what you are.