Thinking Aloud


Each day, as I walk with God, I see clearly what it means to be in the will of God. It does not cost much to do so, ONLY a heart that is void of IDOLS and OFFENSE

Nothing alienates a man from God and His Spirit like:
1. Anything or anyone exalted above God; and
2. Anything or anyone we exalt ourselves above (capable of bringing offence).

Let all people and things be subject under the authority of God and His word; then, peace will flow like a river and be unhindered in any way.

The heart of humans is deeply wicked or righteous…the difference is in its submission to God and His word. Whatever you do, please let God lead you. He is not your mate; so, don’t expect Him to think like you do. Instead, think as He does.

Just in case you are planning to be led by God through others, I guarantee you they would mislead you someday or be unavailable when you need them the most. Seek the LORD, find Him and stay with Him. Know Him for yourself and obey all commandments that He gives to you.

There is no guarantee anywhere outside Christ. Christ in you is the only hope that what is said of you will be fulfilled.