Of Destiny and Dreams


There is a longing in the heart of a pilgrim that neither the pleasure of the road nor the pain of the journey can fill. . . it is the joy of reaching his or her destination.

Though destiny speaks to the end of a journey, the details of the way to the destination is as valid as the destination itself.

There is no wisdom in the distraction on the way; but it has potentials to derail a well-meaning pilgrim from what matters the most – arriving in God as the Destination

Being and becoming the express image of Christ is the ultimate destiny; accomplishment and acquisition of things really does not mean much when it is not adding thrust to the journey into God.

So stay with God. 
Be patient with yourself.
Be careful of dreams that distracts from destiny,
Though your time is now, your trials are there to refocus you on non-eternal dreams . . .
Resist the urge to prove anything to anyone,
Respond only when the LORD responds.

May you serve the LORD with joy and gladness, all the days of your life. Amen.