Contradictions in This Season


Here are my meditations this morning:

Pursuing the LORD and doing His will is not without challenges, chief of which is the *parallel increase in impact and opposition.*

While things are working to the glory of the LORD, there is also a measure of resistance to God’s will happening at the same time.

Usually, as believers, we are worried that oppositions and seemingly advancing assaults from the enemy are pointers to something being wrong with us. We frantically starts to seek solutions to the challenges without seeing the big picture from God’s perspective . . .

Well, the reason there is resistance is primarily because something has changed for good by the impact. If there was no impact, no one/power would consider opposition a worthy course. Positive impact brings a change to status quo from which some were profiting without restrain.

Therefore, we must be ready for a weird blend of:
Encouraging and discouraging words at the same time;
Words and acts of faith and words and acts of fear at the same time;
Peace and Warfare at the same time;
Acceptance and rejection in the same breath . . .

This is the _modus operandi_ for the season we are in.

Ask God to open your eyes to see Him and all that surrounds clearly; so that you can respond accurately.
Ask for strength for the journey with Him.
Ask for grace to hold on firmly, oppositions notwithstanding.