Overdue Shift in Education Paradigm

No learning is possible without recourse to the capacities of the learner and the facilitator.

If people aren’t learning what is true, there is a disconnect somewhere.

It is either the facilitator is a fraud (teaching what is not experienced) or the learner is not willing or ready to learn (which is a direct offshoot of prior spiritual, emotional, mental and physical preparation for learning)

Like all that is value-adding, learning requires preparation.

However, learning is more of creating the right environment, then filling it with the right elements to initiate what already was…that needs to be realised and understood in the present, opening the gateway to future possibilities from what would transpire.

This is what is lacking in how we handle the truth. We seem to have resolved all things within our spectrum of view and capacity and just want to program other people with them.

It is bound to fail! The times have changed!

Teachers need to transform into facilitators, for knowledge has increased and students now know more than teacher, though teachers have more experience than students . . .

Students need to transform into learners, for knowledge that is required is much more than information; understanding (progressive and contextual knowledge) is more valuable and it is not available merely by instruction, but also by experiencing it.

If what we envision must become our reality and the richness of our experiences would not be thrown in the bin and replaced with trending vibes, our true learning must become re-imagined and restored.

Learning is not to make money . . . it is how we maintain relevance and affirm our validity in life.

Resume the authentic learning of whatever is true . . . today.