Mystery of God’s Mercies


Lamentations 3: 22-23

This is a message delivered by Pastor Babatope Akinola of RCCG, Potter’s Court today at the church’s mid&week service.

Christianity is the only faith that forgets about all that was done.

Mercy overules contempt.
Mercy comes with salvation.
Mercy endures forever.
Mercy overrides judgement.
Mercy is God’s ICU for restoring lives, there He puts His best hands at work on someone.
Mercy is at work when God takes someone out of the boundaries of his or her capacities.
Mercy is God at work in any life.
Mercy changes the natural to supernatural.
Mercy makes diminishes labour by favour.
Mercy closes obvious gaps. Hebrew 4:16
Mercy is the help of God.
Mercy extends someone life’s value beyond ambition and vision.
Mercy is abundantly available to the weak, lowly, inadequate, thirsty, etc. Psalm 51:1

Mercy forbears but don’t take it for granted. Psalm 118:2

There are realms where we do not have control; where both the rich and the poor are no longer in control. There, only God’s decision counts.

Should we then not be concerned about His decisions even in realms where we have control?