Choosing Sanity in Truth

A couple of days back, an older lady picked a fight with me. I was not in the mood for a fight, I had bigger concerns that mattered to me than a petty fight with someone who believed she understood what she was saying; unfortunately, if only she knew how uninformed she was, she would have done differently.

I was called different names, some which would have provoked me in times past. Somehow, I found strength in the LORD to walk away from a needless fight. Sometimes, silence resolves matters better than a careful explanation.

This matter got me thinking deeply about relationships and associations. I realised that, though strange, the people to be careful of the most are those who assume they know everything about one; especially those who have appointed themselves as guides; who have no ideas where one is headed. Indeed, what is known is merely an information until it is understood. Unfortunately, until they are part of one’s experiences, very little of what is known is understood.

Eventually, the lady in question wrote to apologise. Her apology was for something else that had no real significance with respect to the matter that transpired; still, it must have taken so much to actually apologise, even for the most insignificant of wrongdoings. Unfortunately, apologies have been given, yet the matter has not been resolved. Why? She still has not understood what she did wrong, she is just trying to “follow peace with all men,” like the Bible recommended.

It is sad that the peace we seek is not one that springs out of righteousness; it is the one that leaves everyone smiling, yet hurting and suffering. We are “Okay” with situations but we are not pleased.

As I listen carefully and watch many things unfold around us, it seems we are not learning much from all that is happening. Unapologetically, we seem to continue what we were doing, without a change, as long as no one is holding a knife to another person’s throat. Unrighteousness and injustice go on without restrain and we carry on like nothing is wrong, as long as we are doing okay individually. . .

Well, something would give way sometime soon. Indeed, the rise of violence is a sign that fairness and equity is far from reach. May we find grace to look deeply at our situations with truth and respond with repentance (turning away) where necessary. Let each one introspect and fic the leaks and weaknesees from each one’s end; great would be our peace after.

There is no peace for the wicked; without true peace, true joy is a pipe-dream.



  1. Abiola Babatunde says:

    Maturity give us a better understanding of true repentance. But as we all know, the general training we get in this country after and about fifteen years of independent is our current challenge. It’s only those who retrain themselves and by HIS Grace that get the mercy. Just as the holy book says, unless you are Born again. Thanks for this piece.


  2. AWED says:

    Thank you Abiola. Indeed, a new level of maturity beckons on us all. May God’s grace and mercy abound to us all.


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