Flawed Fountain


The Scriptures is clear on matters of fountains and the kind of waters they spring.  A good one will spring sweet waters; bad ones would spring bitter waters.

With hearts of people described as fountains, it is natural to expect sweet waters from good hearts. But, how does one respond to good hearts when waters that flow from them are far from sweet? What do we say when the same vessel that has brought so much joy brings sorrow and sadness, whose weight remains for a long time?.

Earlier this evening, I told someone that there may be evil in good and some good in evil. It is increasingly becoming difficult to draw a bold line of distinction anymore. But, the definer of all that exists is the quality of the heart behind it. It will not matter how good anything might be, the hearts that brought them into people’s experience is the real determiner of its nature. Each one would produce after his or her kind.

So, when next someone who has been so good to you do something so unforgivable and terrible; remember what to look for is the heart (intention) behind it. Also, when someone so bad suddenly puts forwards a good gesture, do not be quick to judge that action, it can be either way – a change of heart or a deliberate scheme to finish the evil he or she already started.

Now, it is known to all that hearts of people are not easily known. . . except it is revealed by the LORD, external judgments are most likely wrong. Still, the fruits (works) will point the way; and you are not likely to miss the signs if you are not expecting unexplainable and sudden change that is not connected to true redemption in Christ Jesus.

May you be guided by the LORD. Amen.