Timed Invasive Systems


I watched a short clip on Facebook in which a former KGB personnel explained how a program from their government was meant to change the course of the future through a careful #system of Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis and Normalization.

How this system ensures that, after scheduled time, despite abundance of information and resources, the #people concerned are unable to muster courage to take any action to better their lives and defend themselves struck me awkwardly. It left me thinking very deeply about communities I belong to and that of others my loved ones belong to. Whether consciously or not, something grave has happened to majority of our people and it is in these area.

Why do we know so much and we’re unable to do anything about what we know? In most spheres of our lives, majority of us are demoralized, our communities are destabilized, we are undeniably in #crisis and we’re already normalizing the errors in our corporate lives.

If anyone loves his or her #community (family, society, nation, church, etc.) enough, this is where to begin. We have to regain our morale and morals, stay the destabilization that is at play, halt the crises and reorientate our people towards value and change. Reorientation without this redemption will fail.

This redemption and reorientation, however, are not interventions; they would have to come as processes like the initiatives that created the problem. If we deploy interventions, we risk consolidating the error in our framework; if we holistically approach these challenges, we have the hope of a better experience for our people.

Do not be fooled, no single political can resolve our problems, he or she can only do his or her part and prepare the way for those coming after them. . . . same with families, same with churches, same with communities.

When next we choose a leader to follow, we had better be sure these processes of restoration through redemption and reorientation is their primary interest.