Wholesome Education for Life


One consistent truth that has been ignored more often is this: we need to think the HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT OF OUR CITIZENRY, not periodic interventions. It seems elders and leaders would rather establish errors/negligence as the the standard; legacies are priced over the future of nations.

The future of nations is the sum of the futures of their individual citizens.

Nations come from families; God arranged the earth in families. Therefore, realities are aggregates of what goes on in families and lives.

Who then is responsible for families and lives? When we simplify complex compositions into its simple units like this, it becomes easier to identify things. Parents are to be responsible for families, adults individuals are to be responsible for themselves. If we ever cede these responsibilities to governments and leaders, it must be reviewed for effectiveness otherwise, our collective lives would be in jeopardy.

By the way, the past is as important as the future. Still, though past histories gives context to present stories, our future realities will depend on today’s choices. We cannot afford to build a disconnected future or make our home in the graveyards of the past. We must bridge the past into the future with present choices.

Now, more than ever before, we have to restore purity of spirit, clarity of purpose and quality of life to humanity.

This will not happen as INTERVENTIONS, it will have to be through PROCESSES – from the ‘womb’ to the ‘tomb.’

But who leads us in this imperative lifetime learning and doing? Who has the responsibility for developing the content and context of our learning and doing?

Is it the government, communities, organizations and/or individuals?

There’s enough blame to go round.

The leadership is both corporate and individual . . . The responsibility rests on us all. Parents and Individuals must take responsibility for the change in education that is required for their constituency before aspiring to shape other people’s lives with what they know. Teach and do what you understand first, teach it to your family, become a family promoter of same; then, lend some wisdom to other, especially those who ask for it.

We can all begin from our homes – from our families. When we take responsibility for educating and moderating the values we envision, we are on the path to recovery.

Peace to you…