The Heart

The best of relationships are not immune from disagreement; usually, disagreements turn out to be the connectors that binds hearts together when each party responds with an upright heart.

So, what is the condition of your heart? What are the contents in your heart, even this moment? Concerning that matter that is pressing at the moment, if your heart were to be pure and peaceful, would your responses be different?  

Most abnormality that we see all around today begun as a normal response to an unfavourable situation. Somehow, sensible responses, when proven by time, often becomes lacking in wisdom. You will realise that time reveals the content and condition of any heart.

Therefore, when pressures mount on you for a response, especially one that is justifiably harsh, should you not review that pressing impulse with what is in your heart?

When all is said and done, the heart that is preserved in truth and guarded with diligence will not be lacking in life. Guard your heart, it’s the epicenter of all you’ve got.