Blindsided by Light

THE Scriptures records that God will not do a thing unless He reveals it to His prophets, but how then will the prophet manage when God withholds His move from him or her? Is God negating His word? How will the prophet retain his or her credibility?!

Several years ago, my Pastor was faced with one of the most difficult seasons of his life. He had taken part in an election and lost the election. To everyday persons, that was nothing new. In every election, there must be a winner and losers, and in the spirit of sportsmanship, those who lost are meant to take it in good strides. . .

So, ordinarily, there wasn’t supposed to be anything spectacular about this except that this Pastor of mine had prophesied, from the LORD, concerning my nation and everything he ever said came to pass, is coming to pass or would come to pass. He is a very revered voice for God. His credibility is unquestionable; I can personally testify to this. People asked, “Did he not know he would lose the elections?” “Is he sure he asked God about this one?” “Are you sure this is not his ambition outside God’s calling?” These questions were coming against the backdrop of several people registering their displeasure over a pastor venturing into politics during the campaign . . . It was a major blow.

The questions, criticisms, public-shaming, and more were endless . . . but the man of God was quiet, not for lack of what to say, but for reasons much deeper than most people would know or understand, even if he were to explain.

More recently, another Pastor of mine, whose words and deeds demonstrate the power of God without question, lost his son. He was in his prime year. It was very painful; even I cried so deeply because it feels so terrible to lose anyone, how much more a 42-year old son. Now, a lot of people had been losing their children in their old age, it is not new; even more frequently, people had been dying left, right, and center from diseases and coronavirus. So, you may ask, “What is the big deal with this one?

Well, this Pastor of mine has followers who have raised the dead by just using the handkerchiefs and oils that were prayed upon by this Pastor; infact, one grandmother raised her daughter and her twin children, who had died during childbirth, back to life by these elements that were sanctified by the Anointing of the Holy Spirit, through the declarations of this Pastor. So, it was really hard to believe that he could not raise his own child back to life; after all, he was not sick before his passing.

Again, this other Pastor is quiet. He accepts the LORD’s choice over the matter and he continued his work and walk with the LORD, as if nothing major had happened. What a great response of faith in trying times!!! Instead, he worshipped God, his congregation praised God and honored Him still.

Well every prophet that ever lived went through this situation and the best of them worshipped because God is God and He is not our equal!

Putting these two scenarios side by side, alongside many others, now I know, like the first Pastor mentioned in one of his sermons, long after the election was lost, that there is something called the “Similitudes of the Prophet.” The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY permits certain things to be and even His prophets are in awe on what God is up to when these things happen. They wonder and seek His face to understand what would have necessitated His permission for such thing to happen . . .; that moment when God’s faithful and righteous son or daughter has no explanation for what befalls him or her; when God paints a picture of something greater with the life of the prophet, not minding his or her pain, going through it.

I have my share of these similitudes; even at the moment, I live in some, but today is not the day to speak about them. All I know is that pain and pleasure is the mix that makes life more enriching for those who follow Christ. What we do when we are dealt an unfavourable hand, permitted by the LORD, is very significant in measuring our stature with God. God alone understands these things.

Will you still trust God when He seemingly fails you?
Will you still serve Him if He refuses to give you what you require in life as you desire it?
Will he still be God, when he allows the enemies to have their way because of a greater glory set before you?
Were you to be Christ, will you restrain from summoning legions of angels to your rescue if the enemies have you ready for the cross?

The WALK with God is of more importance to God; even the WORK with Him pales in value to it. You become closer to God in times of pain, not in perpetual pleasures . . . while you go through trials and temptations  (designed for triumph) not while you tread your high places.

Come what may, God is God and He rules over all. Even if He would not save us, we will continue to love, serve and walk with Him. Amen.