Do You Work?


It is the beginning of a new week,
Dawn to dusk, a cycle of rising to work and retiring to bed, to bring aspirations to realization.

Before you begin this week, the grind of making and promoting value, ponder a while on what you do as work . . .

Is it the exercise of your SKILLS to solve PROBLEMS you can relate with?

1. Some do jobs that they have no skills or passion for, just to survive; they are victims of all situations, always at the receiving end;
2. Some actually use their skills on problems they cannot relate to, just to have something doing; so they are not really into what they do;
3. Some others are actually applying their skills to the problems they face, but they do so for the gains, not really for the love of it; so they tire out quickly, but they continue to do it for the reward it brings until they burn out…
4. Others apply their skills to REAL PROBLEMS and they love the life of it . . . they are happy and fulfilled for it, big money or not.

Wherever you are in this spectrum, the answer to your life’s experiences are with you. If you are not in the 4th group above, you are doing someone else’s WORK, kindly change it.

Have a blessed week.