What is [YOUR] Value?


Certainly, no one is bereft of value; it is either it is unknown or it is known and underutilized. If there are resources (time, money and people [relationships]) and they are not spent on increasing or improving worth and essence [skills], value would inevitably be lost.

It is a beautiful thing to buy pleasure and enjoy life; however, your ultimate value is built from the investments you make to improve yourself.

So, what is YOUR value?
Where is your value?

Certainly, you never have all the resources you require at once – time, money and people [relationships]; they come in trickles and bits. So, investment on yourself, to build or increase your value must follow the same pattern. You will have to get more as you go.

Give a moment of thought to what you do with your time, money and relationships, do they add to you or take away from you?

Let me know what you are doing to increase your value and perhaps, what you need to stop doing to retain or  increase your value and the value you offer.

Have a great day ahead.

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