Where is (YOUR) Fortune?

Fortunes, they say, favours the brave . . . nothing significant comes from easy places.

If beauty would ever come out from chaos, and problems would become blessings in disguise, resources must be spent on them, wherever they are.

There is a lot of value and great wealth in mundane and regular experiences. So, wherever there are problems, values are really valuable there; that would be a mine for true wealth.

You may ask, “Why should I spent my time, money, and people (relationships) on problems? Life is meant to be fun, isn’t it?” Well, fun is beautiful but it diminishes wealth, spending more time with ‘problems’ leads to creation and sustenance of true wealth. After all, no one will exchange resources for ‘values’ that do not solve REAL PROBLEMS.

It is said that opportunities, when lost, are hard or impossible to recover; especially those that are not created by you. Indeed, problems are blessings in disguise; we all can create fortunes by solving them.

What will you do with your present pain?
Will you spend your resources buying solutions or spend them creating solutions?

Have a beautiful week ahead.

#life #problems #fortunes #resources #evaluation #value #money #time #people #relationships
#career #vocation #success #inspiration #mindset #personaldevelopment

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