Eyes on the Road, Mind on the Goal.


Yesterday morning, I had to quickly dash to the filling (gas) station to refill the fuel in my car. I had driven about 46km with the fuel indicator light on the dashboard the day prior, I wasn’t sure there was enough fuel to get me to the filling station. Still, I pulled out of my neighbourhood, terribly concerned that I may run out of fuel before I get to the filling station.

Ordinarily, I would give anyone going my way a lift; but this time, I was not really inclined to doing so because that may reduce my chances of getting the car to my destination. Suddenly, a gentleman waved me down, asking for a ride. I could see that he really needed one. I took another look at the dashboard, it will not be sensible to stop for him, still, I stopped to give him a lift anyways.

As soon as he settled down, I nervously told him I was trying to get my car to the nearest filling station and I wasn’t sure the car would make it there. He smiled and took a very long look at me and said: “Then you would have to take your eyes off the guage on the dashboard and keep it on the road.” I was wowed!

I took a good look at him and it dawned on me that I may have been sent a message from God; a counsel I needed so badly, through this stranger in my car.  Often times, our challenge is that we are so focused on what we lack or what is not enough that we are unable to make progress towards our destination. I realised that if I must get to the destination I had set in mind by faith, as I have set out to do from the beginning, I would have to keep my eyes on the road and my mind on the goal, NOT on what is inadequate or lacking.

Needlessly, we worry about things we cannot control; especially when our inadequacies are results of our personal failings or indiscretions. Still, walking by faith requires consistent reminders of what must be when all is said and done, not what the present situation may be. If you and I would get to that finish line, by faith, we would have to keep our focus on the destination, minding less what may be lacking or inadequate at the moment.

What are you doing by faith at the moment? Is it worth your life time?
What do you lack?
What is inadequate?

Present realities can only be changed by faith in possibilities of the future. You and I would have to reach for it, being challenged notwithstanding.

Keep your focus right,
Keep moving.
You will reach your goal . . . just like I got to the filling (gas) station without trouble.

Also, do not allow your struggles to stop you from helping others, your needs may be met by others, whom you helped by giving a piece of you to.


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