Impossible Love


Often times, we have family conversation, in our home. I am growing deeply fond of it because it seems to bring more clarity to pressing life matters we may not be giving deliberate  attention to at the moment. Yesterday was one of those conversations, and here is one  of them, I thought it may be helpful to share:

Reading from Luke 6:27-36, Jesus gave so many commands that do not make sense to a regular mind. He said to those WHO HEAR: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.” How do I love someone who is looking for the easiest way to do me harm?!

Well, looking closely, we saw that He was asking us not to get flustered when anyone attempts to take whatever can be taken away from us. Truly, who we really are cannot be taken away, only what we have can be taken. Wow! that was really liberating for me!

The man who takes the cloak and tunic spitefully takes the covering, but cannot take away the body; the one who strikes one’s cheek can only inflict pain but cannot take away the face; the one who steals can only steal what does not define . . . who you are is guaranteed by your relationship with God and that is secured forever in Christ Jesus.

So, there is no need to hate anyone for  any reason. If they know better, they would do better.


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