Of Growth and Boundaries


There is something amazing about PHYSICAL growth: as beautiful and necessary as it may be, beyond a set limit, it would be a disaster – actually a malignancy!

Have you ever imagined what we would look like if we don’t stop growing physically after a particular stage in life? Many of us would be giants by now! Buildings will no longer last beyond few years, like shoes and dresses for children in their growing years, because we would have physically outgrown them.

While the mind and the spirit must continue to develop, a persistently developing body is not exactly a blessing, it is aging and inching towards its end. It is instructive to register that physical growth and development must not exceed limits, though emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth and development must never stop.

Healthy people organizations and institutions have a limit on their PHYSICAL growth and development. Perhaps, this is where people and organizations must check their aspirations and ambitions to give way to a healthier existence (individual and corporate).

Here is something to deeply think about: Is your ‘body” continually growing at the expense of your ‘spirit’ and ‘mind?’

BODY could be your personal or organizational physical presence, SPIRIT could be the  essence of your enterprise or mission (what it represents), and MIND could be the intellectual capital of your value proposition (research and development).

By all means, grow and develop to your set physical boundaries in life; but never stop growing and developing in your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual life; that in itself is death before death.


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