When People Listen . . .


It is often said that most people listens to respond, not to understand what is being said; even speakers speak to be heard, not to seek clarity from engaging the audience, most of the times. Had each person seen the opportunity to listen and speak as one to attain a deeper depth of understanding, we would all be better for it.

Since understanding is in high demand by all and sundry, it is helpful to intentionally seek it over and above hearing and being heard.

The wisdom of the old preserves them, the strength of the young is their edge. Both the young and the old need each other. A generation that considers the other of less value would find their error too impossible to ignore.

Surely, no one is capable of operating without the input of others; but when these ‘others’ are on the other side of realities, it is difficult to get people to agree. . . and without agreement, nothing  constructive would take place.

There is a dangerous gap between the young and the old. It seems the old merely resigned to fate; they are not really trusting of what the young can contribute. The young ones are merely tagging along, waiting for their time; learning nothing significant from the old, just excusing their excesses in quietness so as not to lose the opportunity their futures hold. If hearts were to be examined, therein we would find answers to our familial, communal, institutional, national and global problems. WE REALLY DO NOT TRUST EACH OTHER ENOUGH.

In every expression of human organizations, so much is at stake. I honestly do not understand why we are mostly bent on fulfilling personal objectives at the expense of every other person and our collective good; but I know that our collective wellbeing is surer than individual respites. This collective good requires sincere and true harmony between the young and the old, one which is built on trust and mutual respect. Until we bring this to bear, much of our efforts and lifeworks would go to waste.

It is imperative that the young honor the old and fellowship with them without guile and suspicion. Let the young be guided by the old, in faith, not fear; what is at stake requires truthful communion between generations. Together, value and restoration can be trans-generational; even technology and trends will not be able to severe the flow of purpose from one generation to another when we work together in unison.