The Price of Joy

There is a a price for anything that is of worth. If you seek to right any wrong, intentional or otherwise, there is a price for it. Sometimes it comes at the price of your own freedom; at other times, it comes with your life as a sacrifice.

The foregoing is not new. Yet, the cost of righteousness is the reason wickedness is presently being rebranded as smartness or wisdom. Justice is not cheap; it’s price can be higher than means and money. While those who pay the price may be terribly in trouble for daring a change, those for whom the price is paid may not be excited or interested in what they paid the price for. This is a terrible thing to behold
. . .

Would you give away your long-time pursuit for someone you do not know to be free? Is that genuine request from a friend worth your sacrifice? Why do we even sacrifice in the first place? Is there a rational behind the suspension of sensibility to respond to what our hearts are asking for, the price it is asking us to pay?

Surely, the reason for sacrifice is not the freedom and liberation of the ransomed alone; the one paying the price must have been determined to stand for truth and righteousness, whether it is well received or not. That resolution is what is called LOVE and that is the true manifestation of the Christ Jesus.

Until we are all in love, joy will not be something we can freely operate . . . That love must compel us to live righteously such that it creates a peaceful atmosphere and environment around us for joy to flow effortlessly unto all.

Whatever comes your way, do not lose your joy. Without genuine love in your heart, joy would remain elusive.

Peace to you.
Have a fruitful week ahead.