The pain of a Preacher is that he or she brings deep things of God in simplicity and though many people listen but they do not incline their hearts to doing it. . .

The pain of a Pastor is that no matter how much he or she tries, he or she cannot save or preserve all. Some will still chose to be lost and there is very little he or she can do to remedy that. . .

The pain of a Prophet is that he or she spends much time with God to bring His heart to people, yet they think it foolishness to respond to words from an invisible God, who request requires real faith to obey; a necessity they don’t have. . .

The pain of a Prince/Princess is that he or she labours very hard to envision and implement great things yet the people, for whom he or she labours, considers him or her a liar or one of those who went about their work in corruption, no matter how transparent he or she is. . .

The pain of a Parent is that he or she can only train a child, the child would have to ultimately make the choices that matter most by himself or herself. Parents cannot control everything . . .


Let no one fool you that life is limitless and that you are to live without boundaries. It is disastrous to go about life like that.

Oceans need one,
Rivers have their banks,
Trees without it don’t fruit well,
Humans without it would certainly self-destruct.

Set boundaries for your life in God,
Stay focused on your path and let others know you are not limitless;
You should have boundaries, not chains holding you down,
For your freedom is not without a price and purpose.