Light of Life


What will you do to change your experiences in life?
Where are the limits of what you can do for yourself without needing external help?

Certainly, change is a product of a creative process, if you do not create a new experience, nothing will change. Even if you have to begin it by intercession, you will still need to form what you have created in prayers and make it become as you envisioned.

But how do you create if you lack clarity? If you do not know or understand your life and situation, how will you create the solutions you need? Knowledge requires search and you will have to search thoroughly with LIGHT to understand what you know. This light will have to be in you, otherwise you will be searching for value with darkness. . . if you do, what you will find is darker darkness.

Primarily, light is everyone’s first need. When illumination comes, everything else will take form, empty places will have character and rest would return. Therefore, be careful where you seek your light. Pay attention to the kind of light you expose yourself to, for some lights are darkness in themselves . . . strange, but true.

May the peace of God rule your heart always.