True Sayings Journal


“TRUE SAYINGS JOURNAL (TSJ): a journal of the standard of God” is a Christian journal, published under the imprint of Cheret.

It seeks to curate and publish insightful ideas and research from established and emerging speakers and teachers of the word of God on all aspects of human life, God’s kingdom mission on earth, the church, communities and nations, especially as they relate to the purposes of God and the well-being of His people

For our maiden edition, Volume 1, Number 1, which will be published in July 2021, we invite interested speaker, teachers, researchers and scholars of the word of God to submit completed papers on any aspects of Christian life, Christian mission and God’s kingdom agenda.

We are especially interested in submissions with an inter-denominational focus. Submissions might examine, but are not limited to issues like the Christian life and present day realities; the validity of ancient Scriptural recommendations to socio-cultural issues in light of skewed morality, families and the failing perpetuity of values; the scarcity of truth and convenient replacements, the stature and the statutes of the church, as well as the true stature of righteousness in a fallen world, among others.

We encourage emerging voices, as well as established ones, to explore this co-publishing platform to build audience for their works.

Submissions should come with 200-word abstracts, must not be longer than 6,000 words (including Abstract, Works Cited and Notes), typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, and double-spaced.

All submissions should be sent to not later than Wednesday, September 1, 2021, and should come with a confirmation that they are not under consideration elsewhere.

For further information, please contact the Editor at