Yet to Understand

Much of what is known is yet to be understood;
Too many things would not make sense to bystanders. . .
Most events of life will remain a mystery.

A regular man is a VIP in a street food shop,
The attendant wonders if he misses his way by choosing their shop over fancy restaurants;

At dawn, some rises to prayer,
A call to prayer, as loud as sounds from loud speakers,
In the same space, some woke up to tears,
Someone loved and cherished just died . . .
In the same moment, some woke up to thanksgiving in gratitude,
Afterall, the dead does not know pain or pleasure,
In the same voice, some reflect on previous days, weeks, months, or years, and choose to speak rashly about what they know but are yet to understand.

What is the promise of each day?
A new opportunity, hope or chance?
Nothing significant happens without a thought;
Even the absence of it is the clearance for so much to take place without restrain.

If you seek meaning, you will need understanding.
It will not come to you, with YOU at the center of all things. . .
It will come when you search for it,
Knowing that all things are possible to those who believe.

I use to say that once something can be explained, it can be understood…
But I found that even men and women of stature struggle sometimes to find the right words to explain what they know.
Still, until we understand what we know, we cannot truly have dominion,
And until we have dominion, we are still victims of every power in display.

In the end, get understanding . . .