Of New Birth and Stillbirths.


Yesterday I had a conversation with a beloved Pastor, who is working very hard  in the communities of Ikorodu in Lagos State, Nigeria; to see Christ revealed in his people. It was more of a fellowship and I really needed some of such.

I had gone visiting without any special reason or purpose . . . I was led by the Holy Spirit to visit him, so I did. While we were talking, he began to explain the center of His work with the LORD as He walks with the LORD, setting his tasks in the realms of the soul. He explained to me that when someone is saved, he or she becomes new in the Spirit, yet his or her body has not changed in any significant way because the bridge between the body and the Spirit, where the change that happened still needs to be processed through discipleship, for real transformation to take place is the soul. This is where stillbirths happens.

It dawned on me that though many new converts many have been carried in the womb of the Spirit and birthed at the time of salvation; yet, they seem to be stillbirths because they are actually ‘dead’ on arrival.

Why would God and the people he sent go through these tasks, only to have stillbirth?
Are the midwives incompetent?
Is the environment unwelcoming to the new born?
Are we labouring the newborns to the point where they are tired before they get to be born again?
Are their situations a factor of the experience and expertise of those that God entrusted them with it or they are just defective by themselves?

These questions beg for answers. One thing however is very clear: whatever the LORD does is good and in Him there is no darkness. If there are challenges with those we have as ‘saved’ brethren, the issues are with us, not God.

Let those who are given the task of bringing in the lost ones be diligent in their works, to introduce these ones to Christ alone, who is light and life, and not to another religion or lifestyle. Let those who come to the LORD cooperate with God to be delivered safely into His kingdom.

May the peace of God guard and guide our hearts to righteousness. Amen.