What/Who is ‘the future’ we are hoping for?

From a viral online video

There is a growing concern about the kind of future we are hopeful about;
Though it is yet unseen, indicators of what it may look like are all around us.
If there is anything that should worry us more in this season, . . .
It would be that we have opened up the fount of free expressions, at the peril of posterity.

Everywhere you look, you will see everything looking perfect as if nothing is wrong,
Yet, beneath the well-finished surfaces, there are hidden perils yet unknown.
We may have mastered the act of living with imperfections, till perfection is redefined by them;
Even our young ones are familiar with sensible outlooks; but not really interested in deep communion with what produces it.

The excuses we make for our shortcomings are speedily creating a monster,
The deficiency in character that we see has not spurred an intentional response to eliminate them. . .
Instead, we excuse them away and redefine what is good or bad to fit our taste.
There is fire, neatly wrapped in our bosom; yet, we don’t expect to be burnt…

Unfortunately, institutional interventions are unable to bridge the gap that quality parenting has left behind.
Our collective future is endangered by the freedom we exercise today,
Our right to express ourselves remains unbridled with no boundaries,
We will have to do things differently if we want a different result.

What does the LORD think about our accomplishments?
How does the Holy God see and assess who we are and what we do?
Does our exploits count for value before the one who kills and make alive?
What is heaven’s testimony about what we spend our lives on?

I speak with the voice of a minority,
Yet, I voice the unspoken thoughts of majority;
It won’t matter anyways if majority contemplates these things,
Still, I proclaim the heart of the LORD on the matter.
Nothing of man has the capacity to remain eternally;
Only the counsel of God shall stand forever.

Everything else would fall away, but God’s word remains.
God’s works remains too, but every work done in His name, not in His will, will pass away without a trace.
Let the LORD alone be true and all else be lies,
Restoration has come to the House of the LORD. Amen.

Image screenshot from a viral online video.