Destiny, Direction and Dreams

For a while I have not written much. I have been a bit distracted by good things that are not necessarily the will of God for me. . . It may sound a bit contradictory, but it is true. Good things are not necessarily God things; good ideas are not necessarily God ideas.

In all these things though, one thing is significant, I find joy that despite all my failings and weaknesses, I am useful to God and to His people. However lately, I feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction in me about what goes on around me, especially in homes and the church of Christ that is my jurisdictions – It seems it has become so effortless and profitable to dream for God and not follow God’s dream.

Two young fellows, one a boy and the other a girl, were born in the same month, the same year. They are both brilliant and good at their endeavours. By nature, they are both of gracious parenting and their extended families have given them supports as needed. By nurture however, one seems to be making progress; one, who no longer has a father, while the one with a living father struggles to keep up. I see how dangerously wide the gap between these two is becoming and I am afraid for the future.

It seems we may not be able to handle the harvest of resentment that is budding in the grounds of lives.

Two old fellows have given their all to life, to their families, to their communities and to their nations. While one is enjoying the blessings of eating from the fruit of his or her labour, the other is regretting the harvest of pain and irreversible sorrow from past wrong choices.

It seems we may not be able to handle the harvest of resentment that is budding in the grounds of lives.

I have come to realize that the error in our judgment is that we expect destiny to play out gloriously, since our dreams are noble and good by our definitions. Unfortunately, every pursuit that is not ordered by God does not have the backing of God.

God prospers and provides for visions He gave!

I have come to understand that even when we read the word of God, we can only SEE what God shows us, not what is written there. Indeed, the ‘letter’ kills but the Spirit makes alive. We can by ourselves do nothing. Unfortunately, most of us may find this evident truth too late in life.

Why then do we pursue things that do not satisfy? We accomplish so much and we are left with so much of heartaches. Even those we set out to impact positively turns out to dislike and dishonor us because they could not get their self-driven expectations! Suddenly, one wakes up to find himself or herself alone, though in the midst of multitudes, for standing for truth.

The way of truth to life is not a bestseller . . . most people only value truth when they are not benefitting from the prosperity of existent falsehood.

Well, here are my thoughts; the conclusion of my contemplations on the delicate weigh between ‘good’ and ‘God’:
“The pursuit of good is circumstantial,
What is good today will become redefined in time;
If anyone seeks eternal value,
God is the only choice.”

Choose God’s dream and get to work fulfilling it instead of dreaming your own dreams and begging God to help you with it.

Peace to you.


  1. Olatunji Glory Titilope says:

    Value packed

    Thanks for sharing, always!

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  2. AWED says:

    You are welcome. Thank you for reading it.


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