Discovering Purpose….

Most people ask, “How can I discover purpose for my life?”

To begin with, it is necessary to define whose purpose you are seeking to know – your own or God’s purpose. If it is God’s purpose, they are written all over the Scriptures, you cannot miss it! It is simply that the earth be filled with the knowledge (awareness) of the glory (fulfillment of words) of the LORD.

I submit that your part in that grand agenda of God, which can be defined as your own life’s purpose, cannot be discovered by praying. . . .(Yeah! You read right).

Prayers sets the stage for opportunities to engage life as it unfolds wherever you are; but immersing oneself in the venture of responding to life, as it comes to each one, is the pathway to the REALIZATION of purpose.

Purpose is not to be discovered, because it has never been hidden, it can only be realized, when the Seeker comes into stature, enough to understand all that had been, all that is at the moment, and all that is to be in the days ahead.

So, let each one begin to respond to chaos around them with order; to problems with genuine and sustainable solutions; and to challenges with responsibility to turn them around for good. Then, somewhere along the line, each one would REALIZE what their purpose is in God’s eternal PURPOSE. From thence, nothing else would matter more.

If you have ever realized why God gave you life, you will not spend an extra minutes doing things that don’t align to it or being someone who is not connected to it.

Start engaging your world with the values you have. . . that realization is closer than you think!