In Pursuit of Reward


When accurate teachers of the word of God emphasizes true relationship with God above transactional engagements with God and say: “Make God your Reward, not things or achievements,” one would wonder, is this GOD tangible, how does an unseen, unknown God become the Reward to go for. The real issue is that value will still be defined by reward – what one stands to benefit. Even when one goes for relationship with God, it will still be measured by what that relationship brings. In essence our definition of value is intrinsically reward.

A honest look at this scenario will, kind of, justify the preachers who present something the people can relate with to people on God’s behalf – a miracle they need, a healing that is sought, a breakthrough that is desired, etc. These ones are easily relatable to anyone, to whom the gospel may be preached.

However, the foundation of people’s faith cannot be rooted on things that God can do or the privilege of wielding the supernatural because of association with God; it is meant to be founded on the person of GOD, in Christ Jesus, by the Holy Spirit. How then do we separate God’s persona from His reward? He says  in Scriptures, “Behold, I come and My reward is with me . . .” This suggests that though the two are in company of each other, they are distinctly separate from each other.

One can actually be related to His reward, not His person, but it is not possible to be related to His person without having His reward.

So, what do we say to these things? Until God reveals Himself to anyone, He cannot be known to such. God can choose to hide Himself from a people, like He did to Israel, for a season. He alone reserved the right to do these things. So, if He has not revealed Himself, the people will not be able to see Him as the Inheritance they should go after. This is the crux of the matter.

It is true that the decision rests with God to reveal Himself to anyone and He is not easily found. Still, anyone who seeks Him (not seeking Him for the rewards but for His person) will find Him. Those who seeks Him for the reward will also find what they seek – the rewards; unfortunately, they may have replaced His person with the reward. The rewards then become God they know, not the ONLY TRUE GOD.

If you don’t seek God for His person, rewards from God will be your god. It is a silent idolatry that is dangerously lethal; for such fellow would think himself or herself upright and right-standing because of the results received from God, not knowing that he or she neither knows God nor have eternal life.

As you begin yet another week, examine yourself. Who do you seek? What are you seeking Him for?

Have a fruitful new week.
Peace to you.