32 Years with the LORD


32 years!

It’s been a journey with the LORD these years; still, the LORD fathers me.

As I reflect on the years of my walk with God, I have learnt the following:

1. God is God and we are not.
He rules in the affairs of men.

2.  The mercies of the Lord prevails over judgment – personal, public and institutional.

3. Walking with God is not an invitation to pleasure, according to the order of men;  instead it is an invitation to God’s persona, to be with Him, not even a task to be done. It is foolishness to place His work above His person.

4. When God is in charge, nothing is lost, dead or destroyed. Everything works together for good, even the terribly bad things and events; not even an opportunity is lost.

5. There is more to life than the mundane; yet, extraordinary living is not in the accomplishment of things or the acquisition of things. Being in and with the LORD is the real definition of the extraordinary.

6. There must be boundaries. Each one must know their limits in God. Limitless life is a lie! If anyone choose to do every and anything, the result would be chaos and perpetuity of pain.

7. God is love, no one can truly love anyone else without him.

Make God the center of your life and pursuit.
Peace to you!