DAY TWO: Response From Above


Still on Elijah, the man of God in 1 Kings 17–18, it seems there is whole lot to learn from a prophet in crisis. Earlier on, he had declared, in the name of the LORD, that there would be no dew or rain on Samaria because of institutionalized idolatry by Jezebel, the wife of the king and it was so. The land was in severe famine and nothing was growing in it. Now, without the prophet’s readiness to change the situation, since he had said that the drought would remain unless he changes his word towards them, the LORD intervened and asked him to make himself available to the king to resolve the matter.

Surely, the LORD has no pleasure in the destruction of His people, even if it was for a noble cause. Negative pronouncements from people representing God may hold for a moment because God honours His word; still He has no pleasure in the destruction of any life, however expedient the matter might be.

More exciting is the response of God to the situation, in that He would not only rain on Samaria, but on the whole earth. Hmnnnn . . . a portion of the earth is in crisis because of disobedience to God and God’s restoration was not to them alone, it extends to the ends of the earth. You and I really have no business dreaming outside the boundaries that God has given to us, be it geographic, social, political, economic, etc. When we bring the answers of God to our peculiar problems, its values would reach all the earth by itself, in no time.

Also, God’s responses are usually not as interventions; they are usually more of processes, which when followed-through, would lead to the prosperity of the whole earth. The rain on Samaria was an immediate supply of water but it was not an immediate restoration of food to the people. They had to farm the lands and wait for the harvest before food became abundant. The answers that God will give to you when you return to Him may not be immediate bread, but they would quench your thirst and sustain you until full harvest comes. The reason for the draught is beyond you and your immediate needs; when culture and lifestyle changes become imperative, God’s answer would be a process, and not just an intervention . . . a principle would replace a provision.

What is your posture towards GOD? Do you agree with God to extend His mercy to a repentant fellow? Are you distracted by your dreams of going global with what was meant to address a local problem? Do you not know that if the solutions you bring are from above, they are already destined to fill the whole earth and you do not have to struggle for that to be? Still, your focus must be on the local territory that He appointed you to, the extension and expansion is the LORD’s concern, not yours.

Whatever comes from God is eternal in value; we will all do well to pay attention to His processes, not just His interventions. The kingdom is established in the processes. SHALOM.