DAY THREE:Tools and the Trade


God has given everyone a gift. Each one is meant to profit with that gift. The manifestation of these gifts comes in diverse ways; some shines so brightly in public, others glow quietly in obscurity. Still, each gift is to be explored and exercised for good, no matter what the situation presents. But gifts are like tools for trades, trades being the purpose of God for each life. There is the trapping of getting distracted by the attention that the exercise of gifts brings, thereby losing focus on the real reason for the gift. Then, the tool becomes the trade itself and the original trade is soon relegated into obscurity.

For a minister who sings gloriously, with heaven’s approval whenever she sings, the gift of a good voice and the dexterity in planning music soon becomes the focus, while the purpose of the gift, being the salvation of souls and the ushering of saints into the presence of the Father, in worship, gradually becomes a secondary objective. A young man, who has been gifted with creativity, soon makes the creative process and its product his mission, relegating the liberation of minds and proffering of solutions to complex problems a remote pursuit . . . the merchandise of his creative works for financial gain soon outshines the solutions that his thorough and continued creativity should have brought to the fore.

Every ‘tool’ that becomes the ‘trade’ itself will soon find itself in severe competition with other ‘tools’ out there; every life is distinguished by the ‘trade’ for which the ‘tools’ were given, not the ‘tools’ itself. In essence, in the long run, it is the purpose of your life that would matter more than the gifts you were given for that purpose.

Make your life a purposeful one, not just about your gifts. Your gifts can be replaced; your purpose is unique to you.

Peace to you.