DAY FOUR: A Time to Walk Away


Christ was just given a platform by John the Baptist to be revealed to the world; it all culminated at His baptism, where the Spirit of the LORD was seen descending upon Him. John had spent all His life serving the purpose of the kingdom of God, preparing the way for the Christ [Matthew 3:1-17]. Finally the moment had come and Christ was revealed and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil [Matthew 4:1-11]. Returning from the wilderness, He heard that John had been arrested and put in prison. Instead of going to the king to secure his freedom, especially since this man had been loyal to Him all his life, He departed from Nazareth to go back to Galilee, where He had come from.

One would expect that Jesus would get involved and reach out in comradeship to stand with John; instead he simply returned to where He came from and begun his work . . . His purpose for coming to John at Jordan was completed.

Many times, by getting involved in other people’s battles, many people compromise their glorious destinies, right from their onset. When called by God to deliver on a part of God’s eternal agenda and you have been revealed by God, you would be wise to immediately focus on what you have been called to do. Jesus immediately started to assemble His team of disciples, when he got to Capernaum, instead of appearing at the city council to make a case for John the Baptist’s release. If He had gone there, His entire ministry would have taken a completely different trajectory; it would be a direction that was not written for Him.

Loyalty is good, gracious sentiment are admirable; still, if these virtues insert you into an agenda that is not primarily yours to handle, it is wise to excuse yourself and focus on your primary calling. There is no relationship that is more valuable than your relationship with God; hence, whatever God expects of you should be your highest priority, not even an admirable disposition in people’s view.

Start well, so that you can finish well!
Start right, so that your path can be the right one!
Know your boundaries and stay gracefully within them.

Peace to you.