DAY FIVE: The Real Image


There is one thing that has become the centerpiece of leadership, mostly to ministers who bring the word of the LORD to people who seek the LORD – it is the distancing of the speaker from the word they bring. They speak to matters as one who already conquered the matter; hence their confidence and credibility to address the subject matter. The speaker then becomes the example that most listeners see as the standard to follow. This is beautiful and wonderful, until the speaker begins to fail in the same matter that he or she once addressed as a distant entity.

While God uses people to bring His heart to men, the messenger should be the first partaker of the word he or she brings. That which the LORD is seeking to do through His word should be done in the life of the speaker as well; else, he or she would eventually become a castaway after ministering to many others. Every word that is spoken on behalf of God would return to try the speaker also; it would be a disaster if he or she is found wanting.

Therefore, if anyone have been given the privilege to speak to people on behalf of God and to God on behalf of the people, it is helpful to deliberately introduce the people to the LORD and the fellowship of His Holy Spirit and then stand aside to allow them to freely relate with God for themselves, without being another intermediary of some sort. Failure to do this would create an environment that makes the speaker the destination for many undiscerning listeners and followers, while he or she is also on a journey with the LORD. This is not the will of God.

Guidance to new disciples is necessary but they must also be introduced to the Spirit of the LORD, who is the HIGHEST Guide for anyone, on a journey with the LORD. The true image for us all to become is Christ’s, the pulpits and the pews together.

Live your life to be pleasing to God, not in striving to be a model for others.
The model in Christ Jesus is sufficient and eternal; the guide in the Holy Spirit is more reliable and sustainable too.
There is no wisdom in burning out, in pursuance of being everything to everyone,
Walk acceptably with the LORD and working with Him will not be a heavy burden.

Peace to you.