DAY SIX: Whose Idea Is It?


Imagination is a very powerful tool that God bestowed on humankind. When put to work, it creates a whole new world of experiences. On the other hand, oppression is the tool that the enemy uses to withstand any living soul from imagining great things. To a liberated spirit, capable of believing, nothing is indeed impossible.

Kings and queens have used their imaginations to define kingdoms and empires for themselves; criminals have also used the same tool to bring sorrow and pains to their victims. It is very easy to imagine wonderful and brilliant things for God and for people; honestly, it is God’s pleasure, as Father, to see these things come to pass for His children. However, when good and great ideas, fine-tuned by sound counsel and followed up with articulated plans, contradict what is in the heart of God, which way should you go?

Does God take pleasure in good plans that are not His plans?

Well, King David thought to build the LORD a temple, God was delighted to see Him do it through His son. He approved it and filled it with His presence because He was pleased. However, when the temple, its worship and the worshippers became defiled, He made sure that not one stone was left on top of the other, as glorious as it was. Elijah declared that there would be neither dew nor rain for years; God honoured His words, but when it was time to return the rain, he prayed earnestly [seven times] before the clouds returned. When God asked him to go meet with Ahab, the King, for a showdown with the prophets of Baal, before his rhetoric took off, to request for fire from heaven, fire already fell from heaven and consumed all that was on the repaired altar.

Whatever God commanded would not need too much effort from anyone to become a reality. It is already a finished work; it requires only obedience to manifest it. If you are the one dreaming it, for yourself or on God’s behalf, you may have to make the provision for it by yourself or be faced with shame.

In the long run, it is wise to begin every prayer and plan from the heart of God.
Dreams outside God’s design would end up as a disaster.

Let those who love the LORD prioritize Him,
His heart is more desirable than His hands.

Peace to you.