DAY SEVEN: The Word and the World


Earlier today, I was led to study from the book of James 4, where we saw that there is no such thing as a balance between the World and the WORD of God; they actually do not agree on any subject. Later on in the day, I was reminded by Facebook that four years ago, on this same date, I had tweeted and posted the same thoughts on Twitter and Facebook respectively. Honestly, except for personal revelations of God to anyone, nothing is new under the sun. We are simply plagued with forgetfulness and the Spirit of the LORD graciously reminds us of what we have already been taught in times past.

The Living Bible Translation of James 4 renders this subject in a very unique way – “an unfaithful wife, who loves her husband’s enemies.” It suggests that for every time we prefer the way or pleasures of the world above God, we are simply fraternizing with God’s enemies! That sounds as terrible as it is . . . If truth would be told as it is, so many of us are already traitors in this regard because we all love the good things of life. As a matter of fact, we do not believe God would have us be without them. For many among us, by our present mind-sets, these pleasures have even become the evidence that we are in good terms with God. How misguided can we be?!

The decline in confidence with the house of the LORD and the decline in the capacity of the Church of Christ to bring solutions to happening trends come directly from her interest and drive to become more acceptable to the world, instead of being compliant with the word of God in every way. We seem to be really scared of standing with God, even if we have to stand alone . . .

I have come to announce that there is no balance between the world and the word of God; they are actually opposing each other. There is also no ‘standing on the fence;’ for being on the fence is being in the world already. If you truly seek the favour of God, in your walk with Him, you would have to be prepared to stay away from the world and be content with staying with God. God has His own kind of pleasure and they are nothing like the world’s version.

There is a cost to discipleship.
There is a price to pay for preferring the world to the Word of God.
A supposed ‘balanced Christian’ is already a lukewarm fellow,
There is no doubt about what being with God entails – holiness and obedience.

Peace to you.