DAY EIGHT: In the Kitchen with Mama

A conversation came up about working for/with God and I had to liken it to what happens in the kitchen whenever a child desire to spend some time with the mother while she is busy in the kitchen preparing a meal for the family.

He says: “Mummy, where are you?” The mother replies and says “I am in the kitchen.” Then, the son comes over and finds the mother cooking something really sumptuous in the pot. He is excited about it and he decides to give the mother a hand in seeing it to a conclusive end.

Remember, he didn’t come into the kitchen because he wanted to see what new thing the mother was cooking or to get some food from her; instead, he came to spend some time with his Mummy. One may also think he comes in there to help the mother in the kitchen but that would not be true. This is because the mother could do it all by herself; she has been doing so for many years, when the child could barely crawl or stand or walk. Instead, he is doing what the mother was doing with her because he desires to spend time with her, of his own accord.

While spending time with the mother, he discovers the sumptuous thing that the mother was cooking and he willingly makes himself useful in finishing what already started before he showed up. He didn’t come into the kitchen to discuss a beautiful food idea he has with the mother, hoping that the mother may give him some audience about it; instead, he joins in what the mother was doing; afterall, he didn’t come for his personal goal or need, he came to BE WITH the mother. If he had a good idea, that could be discussed at another time, possibly not in the kitchen, and definitely not when the mother was busy working on something else of pressing importance.

Eventually, when he comes out of the kitchen, because one of his siblings calls him to come see a TV show or to check out a new video game; his conversations are around the sumptuous new thing that Mummy is cooking, a revelation he now has because he went out to spend some time with the mother where the mother was (in the kitchen). He can leave the kitchen and return there at will because he was not compelled to be with the mother in the kitchen.

I cannot remember seeing any child who likes being in the kitchen with the mother when he or she would rather be somewhere else, doing something else. Those who stays happily in the kitchen with mothers do so of their own free will. They are not there to fulfill their personal desire or to get approval for it, while in the kitchen; instead they value the time with the mother above even the sumptuous meal that is cooking from the mother’s pot.

Why are you with God?
Why are you spending time with him?
Does He find your company a pleasure or a disturbance to His works that He is cooking?

Are you sure your good dreams and ideas for God are not irritating distractions to God, while He is busy at what matters to His household?
Does God find you worthy enough to share His “kitchen experience” with, without being bordered that there would be accidents if He allows you in His ‘kitchen?’

Surely, if the “video game or TV series” of life’s beautiful creations that you are invited to are strong enough to distract and take you away from God, in His “kitchen,” there is fire on the mountain top and you should review your life.

Know why you are seeking God;
When you find Him, know why you are with Him.
Be sure you understand your objectives for going to God better;
For days are here when nothing else would matter than your HEART – WHY GOD IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.

Peace to the righteous.