DAY ELEVEN: Stumbling in Daylight


Hosea 4 has a unique story. Things have gone wrong, though the leadership in the temple was aware of it; they did nothing significant to address it. The people were beginning to rebuke each other, passing bulk of blames among them; they had enough to go round. While all these was on-going, God decides to have no word with the people, in whose lives these errors are evident; instead, He focuses on the priests and prophets.

It turns out that this very popular Scripture, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” was actually primarily directed at priests, not even the people; the situation was a case of blind priests leading blind people. They were stumbling, even in daylight, because of their priests [pastors]; the prophets, who should see clearly, even in the night, also stumble in the night seasons. Why?

The fate of a people may be decided by their response [choices] to God; still, the guidance that they get in deciding what to do and how to do it would predominantly come from people who lead them, especially in matter so relationship with God. Leadership fails its people when it stops learning. In the House of the LORD, when pastoral leadership stops learning from the LORD; replacing that with learning from other men or people, whether they are of God or not, destruction creeps in.

For a moment, ponder on why we have so many pastors and ministries, yet the nations are in troubles; the Church of Christ is increasing and our sin [living below the standard or design of God] is increasing geometrically too. We used to obey God in all things but now we have ceased from doing what God truly requires of us. We are making physical progress, we are increasing physically but, were the LORD to dissect our stature and stand with Him, we are failing in grand scales.

God is not deaf or dumb.
He hears and speaks clearly to those who come to him with purity of heart and singularity of sight.
If we turn around to Him, He would return to us,
We begin with the repentance of priests and prophets.

As a Pastor or Prophet, are you doing what He commands?
As God’s people, are you submitted to the authority of leaders, who are truly submitted to God?
We are in the light; we should not be confused anymore,
Let righteousness [living by God’s standard] become our way.