DAY TEN:Register of Reason


At some point in the history of the relationship of God with man, He asked man to reason with Him [Isaiah 1:18]. It is a weird thing that He, who created and controls all there is, seen and unseen, is asking for a conversation with mankind, His creation. God is not just our God; He is our Father!

However, as seen throughout the Scriptures, and in present times, human reasoning with God has always been about their needs; hardly is it about what is in the heart of the Father. In fact, many times, God had to interrupt the goings of people to insert His desires in there. We are so high on ourselves that we often can hardly hear or see God clearly.

Well, if we ask most people, there are always lots of justified reasons to bring up these things in conversations with God. Though the reason God asked people to reason with Him primarily remains their state of separation from Him by sin, it seems we no longer consider seeking God for restoration and reconciliation a thing, worthy of our time and effort. It seems more sensible to seek God for things that only He can do, wonders that only He can bring to pass, and works that we lack the capacity to pull off. We seem to prefer transacting with God than actually being in and with Him. We seem to favour selective obedience. “He should just let us know what He wants, for us to have what we want, and we would just do them.” Still, to God, nothing is as important as His purpose, chief of which is the reconciliation of estranged people back to Himself.

Therefore, if you ever have God’s audience,
If the King of kings ever gives you His attention,
Make reconciliation and restoration the center of your interest and utterances,
Else, you will get what you want from His hands,
And destruction may still be hunting for your soul without restraint.

May what you seek in His presence not be snares to you,
May it please the LORD to grant you His presence when you call.
Hear, more than you speak, in His presence,
Let God re-decorate your life with the glory in His will.