DAY TWELVE: Battle of Territories


The battles of life are simply battles of territories. On one side is the light and on the other side is darkness. There are regular experiences for each territory; they are natural phenomenon in those territories.

In the light, revelations are commonplace; understanding the environment does not require a special capability . . . it is natural because of the presence of light. Nothing is hard to appreciate or define; everything is clear. On the other hand, nothing is seen clearly in the dark. The best judgement of anything or anyone would be by the sounds they make – the loudest are the most prominent, not necessarily the true ones.

The real battle is about where each person’s spirit dwells, whether in darkness or in the light. There is really no need for deliverance from the operations of demons in the light; they do not reside in light. There is no value for exhibition in the dark; no one would see it. Environment determines experiences. Therefore, all that the enemy seeks to do is to get each one to love his environment – darkness. So, he garnishes it with everything pleasurable; and since pleasures at the right hand of God [in light] are not exactly the kind of pleasures humans see as pleasures, he often tends to wins.

Also, the old man, before salvation, resides in darkness. All that the devil needs to do is to reunite a redeemed fellow with the old man that was left behind in darkness and all things would return to what they were. Usually, God’s restoration is by the shining of the light of His countenance on those in darkness so that they can find their way back to the territory of light [in Christ Jesus]. Then, and only then, can they be truly saved and safe.

The battle for soul is primarily about where they dwell – light or darkness.
Even those in light would have to bind the ‘mighty man’ before plundering his house in darkness to bring men, women, boys, and girls, in bondage there, out into light.
Stay in Christ Jesus, not just with Him,
Relocate into where no harm can reach you.

Your labour to bring men to the light of God can use a better strategy:
Don’t bring them from deeper darkness into realms of shadows.
Make the Light your home and the destination for those coming to the LORD,
Their safety will not need require sleepless nights.

Introduce them to Light, not to a district of cascading lights,
Great would be your peace when they know God for themselves.
Multitude of gifting and relationships with the Holy Spirit can only increase your house,
There is no value in being the lone superstar.