DAY THIRTEEN: Words and the Spirit


The word of God has been taught, so much that the listeners and learners hardly remember much of it after the teacher or preacher is done. Why? The mind is not a repository of wisdom, knowledge or understanding, the heart is! Only spirits are capable of writing upon the heart of another spirit. It is either the Holy Spirit of God or ‘fallen spirits.’ The only guarantee that what has been taught of God, through His word, would be remembered rests in the operations of the Holy Spirit.

A disciple has to be taught the ways of God; else, there would be nothing to remember.
A disciple must also be introduced to the Holy Spirit; else, what is taught will not be remembered.
Living out God’s word and ways without a REAL relationship with the Holy Spirit is a recipe for disaster and disappointment. So many pieces of life would be missing and men, who have REAL relationship with God, would almost become demi-gods because of what they know.

The knowledge of God must never be based on the wisdom of men,
Nobody’s fear of God should be taught by the commandments of men.
Endeavour to introduce people to the LORD and allow them to fellowship with His Holy Spirit,
Be careful of becoming another intermediary between people and God, except the LORD demands such from you . . . the burden would be too much for you to carry.