DAY FOURTEEN: One Purpose, Many Parts


If there is anything I now understand, with matters that has to do with the kingdom of God, it is that all that is to be are not domiciled in one person or entity; instead, each one has been given a fraction of the whole, for which each one must individually labor diligently, until the set time for what has been done to connect with what other people have been doing to become one in Christ.

Understanding this timing and the protocol for its execution is the major challenge of anyone who works with God. If you are walking and working with God, you would realize that your anchor point, that keeps you from envy, pride and self-importance, would be the dependence on each other. This community and collaboration may not necessarily be a partnership because the whole work goes beyond few people who are able to connect at some point in time. The overall context is wider than what the mind of any entity can comprehend. It pleases the LORD to operate His kingdom agenda through connected spirits of ‘saints in unity.’

Here is the crux of the matter: the kingdom of God is not a solo agenda; people who run on such agenda are drinking from polluted fountains. Self has no place in the kingdom of God; self-seeking is the environment for all kinds of evil. Therefore, the proof of anyone that is at the epicenter of God’s will is his or her ability to willingly yield to a higher plan in God, despite the inconveniences that such herding together with others in the kingdom might bring.

Has the LORD called you to be with Him? You are not alone!
He has called so many more to be with Him; therefore, the more the merrier.
Still, be discerning to know in whose company you belong,
Do not be hasty in forming alliances until God has approved of them.