DAY FIFTEEN: Disobedience by Faith

The will of God is central to all that exists and were created. It is the epicenter of all of God’s agenda on earth. Though heaven is a perfect place where God resides; yet, His interest in the earth centers on replicating His will on earth as it is in heaven. So, when God commands a thing, from His will, it has its full definition and delineation with it. The context, content, company, and construct; as well as the scale, shape, share, and strength are defined in that same command.

Therefore, it is an aberration to, in obedience to God’s command, recede or exceed the definitions given by God, while exercising faith to fulfil God’s obligation . . . that is the true definition of disobedience. If God asked for a mile, giving Him a quarter of a mile is disobedience by faith, as much as giving Him ten miles. Below the mark and beyond the mark are both disobedience by faith!

Everyone walking and working with the LORD must understand that he or she cannot outshine or outdo God. If He asked for specifics, He did that for a reason. He already set boundaries for all things, even the waters (seas, oceans, rivers, etc.) knows their boundaries . . . they do not recede from it or exceed it unless He commands them to.

Walk with God by faith;
But, do not be disobedient while at it.
He does not favour sacrifices of fools,
Complete obedience is how we judge all disobedience towards God.
God should not be against you while you are exercising faith in Him.

Peace to you.